Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 14, Day 4 - Back in the Burgh

Week 14, Day 4 Outfit: BR Pink Ruffled Short-Sleeved Tee, Silver Jeans, Ann Taylor Kitten Heels (yes, the ones I have been wearing for several days now...I refuse to succumb to the rainy, cold weather)

Today I spent the day mostly working from home, and then making the drive to Pittsburgh for a 7A departure tomorrow morning to a resort area in Western Pennsylvania. I am on the planning committee for our company's yearly internal conference which takes place at a resort that can best be described as a hodgepodge of themes...almost like a Disneyworld. There's an awesome zen-like spa, an ornate chateau like hotel which then turns into a hunting lodge as you walk further into the hotel. There's a golf course, ski lodge, shooting range, car museum, and an art gallery. The resort is near Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters house - which is absolutely breathtaking...Brad and Anjolina have posed in front of it! Anyhow, I made the trip a little earlier this afternoon to meet up with a previous graduate student from BGSU (hi Trish...if you're reading this!) and we had dinner at a Mexican place that Mike and I used to frequent when I was interning in Pittsburgh. It's scary how that was over 6 years ago, though seems just like a couple years ago. Trish is in the internship program I was it was nice hearing her stories of things that she's learning, experiences that she's having, etc. Reminds me of my fledgling days!

Trish and I were discussing my challenge to not buy clothes...and I remarked on how not hard, still, this challenge has been. I found a couple Banana Republic coupons on my desk from the mail today and amazed myself with how quickly I put them through the shredder. Funny, now that I am making a bit more money, one would think that I'd be prone to spend more...but quite the contrary. I find myself thinking of investing, saving up, and actually being fiscally responsible. What's happening to me? Is it called the mid 30's? Do people right about the age of 33.5 start to reflect on how they need to stop being such hedonists and act more responsibly? Nah, I'm sure it's just a phase. Put me in an Ikea store and see me go wild!

Where in the world is the freakin' sun? Why is it in the 50's still...this is the month of May isn't it? In protest, I have packed skirts and sleeveless tops. Ha...that's what I say to Mother Nature. Stay tuned for pictures of me shivering in my weather inappropriate attire!

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