Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 16, Days 1 - 2: Koln, Germany

Week 16, Day 1: BR shirt dress (see previous pic for what the top looks like), North Face zip-up (good for the brisk windy nights in Koln) - guest star, in picture 1, Christine (our host), and in picture 2, the hubby

Week 16, Day 2 (daytime): White Ann Taylor sleeveless cotton top, Brown BR trousers, FLIP FLOPS! Is it me or are European smart cars even smaller?

Week 16, Day 2 (evening attire): Lavender BCBG long cardigan, Zara stripped dress, Reef flip flops!

On Sunday, we took a 3 hour train ride to meet up with Mike's acquiantance from Facebook (he actually owns her as a 'pet'). We spent yesterday touring the city center, had beer and dinner at a couple of outdoor restaurants on the Rhine river, and kept it relatively low-key. Monday, we climbed 533 steps up the famous Koln dome (which is massive and what I'm pictured with Mike in front of on Day 2), went on a boat ride down the Rhine, and then ended our afternoon at the Chocolate Museum (yes, I bought many goodies for those of you back home - about 50 lbs. worth of chocolate!). That evening, we headed out to dinner at a recommended German restaurant, and I on the most severe form of flexing on my Flexitarian diet, ate a sausage...and it was damn good! Luckily, all during my trip in Koln (as we walked down the shopping district in the city), all the stores were closed due to a Catholic holiday that's well celebrated in Europe - 40 days after Christ's death and resurrection...hmmm, not sure why it isn't celebrated in the U.S.! Oh, and just in case you didn't know, Koln is the shopping capitol of Germany...just my luck!
Onto Amsterdam!

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