Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 14, Day 6 & 7 - Business Trip, First 5k of the Year, and Celebration Dinner

Week 14, Day 6 Outfit: BR black sleeveless shell (had to throw on a sweater, pictured in the previous day as I was client facing - bare arms does not equal professional dress, so I've been told), BR ruched high-waisted skirt, same shoes as all week!

Week 14, Day 7 Outfit: First pic: Race gear - old navy white racerback top, old navy blue capri yoga pants; Night out: Ann Taylor loft black sleeveless dress with empire waist (yes, I have a lot of little black dresses - at least six of them!)
Friday was spent at a client site in Cleveland...not much to report on there except that I churned through another day's worth of work clothes. I pushed the limit a bit on what I typically consider to be proper client-facing work attire. I almost never wear open-toed shoes, moreover slides like I did...but given how laid back this client has been in the past, I figured I could throw tradition to the wind and also only pack one pair of shoes. Mike and I are both planning on bringing carry-ons for our trip to Europe given how much we'll be switching locations, so, I consider all this traveling I've been doing as practice for packing light. I'm sure more avid European frequenters have got international packing down to a science and can live off of a 10 lb. suitcase worths of clothes...but not me...I'll likely re-cycle some stuff, but to stay true to this challenge, will continue to wear something different each day.
Yesterday, Linnelle and Dennis (the couple we met in Santa Barbara back in 2007) came down as Linnelle had made a commitment to her sister to run the Toledo Zoo 5k race with her. That certainly didn't stop us for imbibing in a few bottles of wine the night before...running on a slight hangover, not the best idea in the world...but we survived. The weather was perfect for the run and the event was a great way to kick-start our Saturday morning. Linnelle and I also ran the 1k fun run with her niece and nephew...that was interesting. It's funny to see kids who are still trying to figure out how to use their extremeties make a mad dash for the finish line during these races. You have some kids tripping over themselves and going down while others are pushing everyone in their way to the side, darting in front of the adults or taller competitors, thereby tripping the competition. I felt silly running it, as I really wasn't doing it for any kid I was associated with but rather wanted the extra workout and would be otherwise bored. At the finish line, one of the volunteers was about to hand me a ribbon for completing the race, and then realized, though child-size, that I wasn't actually a contender. Hmmm...getting confused with a young child...not necessarily what I'm going for.
Last night, Mike and I had dinner with Scott and Maggie at our favorite restaurant in the area - Revolver. Our waiter was off his game and kept us waiting for quite some time between courses, so to entertain ourselves, we took somewhere upwards of 50 pictures amongst the four of us...self portraits, pictures of our spouses (from our point of view), pictures of the way cool bathroom in the get the point. We began the meal with a bottle of Belgian beer to gear ourselves up for our upcoming was a great night and whetted our appetites for more memorable outings to take place in Europe. I CAN'T WAIT!

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