Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 13 & Week 14, Days 1-3: I haven't fallen off the wagon!

Week 13, Day 1: Lounging around...no picture
Week 13, Day 2: BR brown ruched waist short-sleeved button down, BR stripped jeans

Week 13, Day 3: BR black short-sleeved linen button down, Gap Jeans, J Crew pink ribbon sash

Week 13, Day 4: Ann Taylor Loft white ruffled short-sleeved button down, BR grey seersucker pants, Lovely People Shoes (of course, my favorite!)

Week 13, Day 5: Forever 21 grey cardigan, BR black silk sleeveless top (what you can't see is the cute "pearl necklace" graphic with the grey ribbon tie at the neck in the back), BR Green A-line sateen skirt, Lovely People Shoes (of course, my favorite!)

Week 13, Day 6: BCBG lavendar cardigan (which can be worn 5 ways, I might add), Ann Taylor Loft Grey short sleeved tee with chiffon flower detailing at the neck, BR white trousers, Gianni Bini heeled loafers

Week 13, Day 7: Max Studio black 3/4 sleeve tee, BR stripped jeans, (not pictured) beige & off-white sketchers (for a day's worth of walking in Ann Arbor!)

Week 14, Day 1: Charlotte Rousse Pink sleeveless tee (with cute little pink faux leather ties at the shoulders), Silver Jeans, was wearing Ann Taylor kitten-heeled strappy sandals (see the next day)

Week 14, Day 2: Ann Taylor Loft black short sleeved tee with ruching at the neckline, BR Beige cropped seersucker pants, Ann Taylor kitten-heeled strappy sandals

Week 14, Day 3: Target grey sheath dress, Ann Taylor Pink cropped cardigan, Ann Taylor kitten-heeled strappy sandals

Dear Readers,

My sincerest apologies for slacking for so long on this blog. It's not because I have waned in enthusiasm for this challenge, nor because I fell off the wagon, but purely because there's been a lot going on these past couple of weeks!

Instead of going through my daily events, I'm instead going to outline the key events that have taken place in the past couple of weeks.

Tuesday, May 4th: Clothes Mentor - so, I took in a few suits and other clothing that no longer "float my boat" and got $44 whoopin' dollars for 2 suits and a Coach Bag. Geez...someone is making a ton of money on these items, and it's not me. So my question is whether I can now use that money to buy something during my trip to Europe. I say "yes," but am interested in hearing what my readers say. My friend Maya thinks it's cheating...what do you think?

Wednesday, May 5th: I got promoted! Unfortunately, I had to jump on a plane right away after receiving the news from my boss...a plane that was delayed by 1.5 hours, which resulted in me celebrating myself with a couple of glasses of chardonnay at the Ruby Tuesday's in the airport. During that time, I also befriended a fellow traveler who is now my Chicago BFF.

Oddly enough, before this challenge, I had always promised myself that when I got promoted, I would buy some ridiculously priced item to commemorate the occassion - like a Louis Vuitton bag or a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes...but now that I'm on this challenge, it just seems wrong to do that. So, on Sunday, I actually went to a Best Buy to check out the iPad - thinking maybe that will be my item. The sales guy spent all this time getting me hyped up for the gadget, and then when I was ready to buy the Cadillac version (32 GB, WiFi and 3G enabled), he tells me "Oh, we don't have any of those in stock, nor do any of the stores in the surrounding area). WTF? Why in the world would he spend so much time getting me excited for something that he wouldn't even be able to sell me? WEIRD! So, I may end up buying my bag or shoes...not sure yet...part of me just wants to keep saving up for a better car...or start playing the stock market. Readers, what should I do?

Thursday, May 6 - Sunday, May 9: We had some out of town guests over from Thursday to Sunday for a graduation celebration - so much of the weekend after my trip to Chicago was spent with them, eating, drinking, and doing some I/O stuff. We had an awesome dinner at a local restaurant called Rose & Thistle where I partook of monkfish in a Lobster Newburg sauce...YUMMY! On Saturday, May, Maya and I headed up to Ann Arbor to shop at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Zingerman's in order to cook a scrumptious dinner for 10 people on Saturday. We also stopped into the store of which I last purchased clothing! I bought a luggage tag while May and Maya shopped. I discovered that shopping for other people can be almost as fulfilling as shopping for myself - almost a way to channel my energies for others and saving myself some money in the process!

Monday, May 10 - Tuesday, May 11: Back to the daily grind after all the activity and buzz...I've got another full week...some of the days in which I'll be traveling (via car). So, I will be continuing on with my daily blog (hopefully)...although being on the road does make it hard. I do, however, try to take pictures whenever I can to upload my daily attire...stay tuned!

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