Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 14, Day 5 - Driving Day

Week 14, Day 5 Outfit: Ann Taylor Loft Black sweater w/ chiffon ruffles going down the middle(though you can't see the ruffles), Yellow BCBG sleeveless shell (too cute to not take a picture w/o sweater to show), BR trouser-style jeans (which, I might add, are fraying at the hems and probably need to be thrown out soon), my new favorite shoes (as seen in the posts from this past week)

Today was spent mostly driving - a 7A departure from Pittsburgh for a 2 hour drive to Western PA for a day of planning, lunch, and a tour of the place that our company's annual conference will be held in November. It's surreal to see the place without company-people swirling around - can be quite overwhelming for an extrovert like me who feels the need to greet each person I know, catch up with him/her, or introduce myself to the people I don't know. The resort was actually somewhat ghost townly and serene. As I described in my earlier blog, it's kind of a mish-mashed motif and could be described as "tacky," but in the areas that aren't hunting-lodge-ish or faux Chateau, it's actually a really nice resort. They have a killer spa, one that my boss and I have started a tradition of visiting before the conference starts to get massages and lounge about in terry cloth robes.

After our meeting, scrumptious lunch, and tour, we headed back for the 2 hour drive...and when deposited back at the hotel where we met up, I jumped in my car to make another 2 hour drive to Cleveland. It could be worse...I could have been forced to drive all the way back at least I have a client-required stop in Cleveland to break up the trip. Regardless, I am pooped.

Nothing new to report on the clothing challenge front except for the fact that the gals that I'll be meeting up with in NYC in July started an email chain to get the excitement going...and one person suggested some window shopping after a leisurely brunch on Saturday. That prompted a few responses back about whether or not I'd still be on my "hiatus," which, might I brag, I replied with "yup...but I can channel my energies into really tactful critique of anything you other ladies are trying on." After my promotion, my boss did mention to me that a development area of mine is to be more assertive...well, what better way to exercise this skill than by giving honest feedback to some of my best gal friends as they try on couture clothing in New York City? Think of the money I'll save them as they contemplate purchasing a designer sun dress that they'll only be able to wear half the year. Okay, perhaps I may thwart their purchases because I'm trying to convert them to my non-shopping ways...but, regardless, I'll be honest! I'll consider it training ground for being more outspoken and direct!

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