Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week 21, Days 2 - 7: Zoom Zoom!

Week 21, Day 3: Banana Republic Beige Seersucker Suit, Ann Taylor Loft orange v-neck sleeveless tee, Banana Republic Nude patent leather heels

Week 21, Day 4: BR black sleeveless woven tee, BR khaki skirt with silk sash, Lovely People black shoes

Week 21, Day 5: Work from home day!

Week 21, Day 6: Susannah Monoco Black dress, Coach silver wedge flip flops

This week has completely zoomed by (hence the title) as work has been absolutely overwhelming. I have taken on a project that initally seemed small but has since grown to become a monster, swallowing up all of my time and sanity! Throughout the week, however, I did manage to get in some yoga sessions which I am convinced was my saving grace.

Tuesday, I had a local client meeting (hence the suit). A client who I can already tell is going to be a pill - yay! The rest of the day, however, was spent on this other monster if I could take on one more project these days!

Wednesday began with what I hope is my last court hearing ever! I think the whole saga of an arrest warrant/suspended license is behind me, though it cost me $350 to finally clear my record in the state of Michigan. I first met with the prosecutor that morning - who was way nicer than the person in Allen Park. He understood my situation, but informed me that unfortunately, it is not the requirement of the state to notify you that your license is suspended...but it's perfectly okay for them to fine you for unknowingly driving while your license is suspended. I discovered that my license has been suspended since 2006 when I originally incurred the failure to change my license charge. That damn police officer really did a number on me...issued a warrant for my arrest, suspended my license, cited me for speeding - and then had the nerve to say "have a nice evening" - yes, that's about all I remember of that dreadful moment. Anyway, no use in wasting any more energy on what I think is the biggest crock of Sh** that I have ever encountered. Let this be a lesson to you readers to never ever speed while in Michigan...otherwise, they may end up repossessing your house, incarcerating you, or bringing your life down. Needless to say, the rest of the day was ruined for I had lunch with some colleagues, and then spent my time in the office on back to back meetings. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was strap on my running shoes and burn off a lot of steam!

Thursday was again a hectic work day, though all of my meetings ended by noon. The sheer amount of work I still had to get done before meeting up with Jen and Maggie for yoga certainly left me wound up and not in a yoga state of mind when I first arrived at the class...but by the end, I regained composure and enjoyed the rest of the evening with the ladies - which included a trip to the farmer's market, cooking some great food with the gals at Jen's using locally grown produce from the market, and having a few glasses of wine to un-do what the day had done to me.

Friday was my "screw work" day. Having logged anywhere from 12 -15 hour work days throughout the week, I felt absolutely no guilt when I left my home office for a cycle/yoga class at 9A, came home to shower, and then headed back out the door to meet up with the DUB ladies for a nice lunch outside on the patio of a great local Italian restaurant. I did have phone call scheduled at 2:30 (what kind of client schedules a 2:30 meeting on a Friday before a 4th of July weekend? Oh, I know - MINE!). After that call, I took care of a few odds and end work things and was finally able to shut down my computer around 4pm...just as the hubby was pulling up. So we headed out to the pool, got an hour of sun, and then headed to vino100 to meet up with a group of friends that have not been together in quite some time! We were able to convince everyone to come to our place afterward to watch fireworks being shot from our country club (which we can see from our backyard). It was a perfect evening to help me return back to myself after a long week of work - myself being a total hedonistic lush!

Someone asked me earlier this week how I was going to go to New York City and not shop. I truly have convinced myself that it will be a piece of cake...but who knows! I guess I can say that the support that I'll get from my lady friends will help me continue with this challenge! We'll see!

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