Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 21, Day 7, Week 22, Days 1 & 2: 4th of July Weekend

Week 21, Day 7 Outfit: Ann Taylor Loft Print Dress (kind of has an indian feel to it...not crazy about it, so this one goes in the re-sale pile), silver Coach thong wedges (made for walking to the pool that much more difficult - also likely to go into the re-sale pile)

Week 22, Day 1 Outfit (4th of July party attire - World Cup theme): Addidas sports tank, Addidas Soccer Shorts, Reef flip flops

Week 22, Day 2 Outfit: New York & Company salmon-colored camisole (an alarming Large in size...makes me wonder what a small might have fit like), Gap white denim shorts (a bit high-waisted, so I'm going to send this one to the re-sale pile as well!)

Ahhhhhhh...finally a relaxing weekend that helped take my mind off least for a couple of days - just what I needed to recuperate from last week's craziness...and the best part about it is that I only have 3 days of work before Mikey and I take off to South Beach for our 2nd summer vacation.

Saturday was spent preparing for the 4th of July party and running errands. We also got a little bit of pool time in. We had intended on eating lunch at the Country Club, but all they were serving up was a buffet filled with grilled meats (burgers, brats, etc.) so we instead decided to order food at the pool and eat our lunch there. Hmmm...nothing makes you want to order lighter than knowing that you'll be eating this while dressed in a bikini. I hadn't had chicken in sometime, so I went with the grilled chicken sandwich - sadly the lightest thing on the menu...though I couldn't resist stuffing a few fries in my mouth too. Saturday evening Mike and just played it low-key, tried a restaurant that we'd been meaning to go to, and then watched In Bruges at home. Seeing the movie made me long to be in Belgium again (sigh).

Yesterday we held our annual 4th of July party. This was a party that began when we threw an engagement party for Sarah and Dave back in 2006. Since then, we've kept the tradition alive and have kept it interesting by assigning a theme to each year's celebration. Our first one after the engagement party (2007) was a hat party, 2008 a decade party, last year a Hawaiian party, and this year a World Cup party. I was pleased to see so many of our guests dressed in their soccer garb. One of the graduate students attending brought a soccer ball and orange cones - so after burgers and brats were served, a game of soccer ensued on the golf course right behind our back yard. From a distance, as a bystander, those playing the game actually looked professional headbutting, sliding, and kicking their way to the other side of the "field." I stayed back and made sure those not playing were feeling at home and getting enough to eat...okay, I'll be honest, I stayed back because I wanted to keep drinking :) At one point in the evening, I was chatting with one of the guests, who is always dressed to the nines in her stiletto heels, couture "this season's" clothes, and perfectly primped hair. I shared with her the fact that I was doing this clothing challenge, and she, like some others came back with "WHY????" Her husband was on the sidelines of this conversation and was mentioning to her that this could perhaps be something she might willing to try. takers there!

Soccer, bbq, a signature drink made of gatorade and vodka, people jumping into ponds to retrieve stray soccer balls, karaoke - I think this all adds up to a successful was evident from the text messages we received this morning from a few hungover guests! One thing I must confess - I "kind of" broke my shopping rule in order to buy something that I could wear that remotely resembled soccer rationale is that I was by no means making a fashion statement with this attire, so it doesn't count. I'll let you be the judge.

Our cat, Martini, who has been sick for the past few months, gave into his congenital heart disease last night and died (as far as we could tell) peacefully. Thus, this morning, Mike and I's first activity was to have an informal burial for our 2nd deceased cat in 2 weeks. Though sad, Mike and I are a bit relieved as we didn't want to have to make the decision to put him to sleep. We also worried that he might die while we were in Florida, making our poor neighbor Cathy (who so graciously provides care to our kitties when we go on vacation) have to deal with disposing of a dead cat. Not to mention that Martini was on 5 different medications - all of which required twice daily administrations - and Martini was definitely not a good pill taker (picture Mike having to shove pills down his throat or mixing them with cat milk and squirting the milk into his mouth). After saying goodbye to Martini, Mike and I dealt with the aftermath of our party - fun comes at a price! - took a nap, spent some time at Barnes & Noble (me working, Mike reading), had an early dinner at P.F. Chang's (one of my favorite restaurants, which seems sacriligious given that I am of Chinese descent and P.F. Chang's is nothing close to authentic - but it's good!), and then spent the evening chilling at the pool and then at home (hence me catching up on my blog).

The mall we were at for the afternoon was one I used to frequent quite a bit as I would beeline for White House Black Market and buy whatever the latest slinky black top or dress they had on sale. I did peer into the windows and make fake salivating noises - but reassured Mike that my will power is strong as no need to worry about me breaking down.

Hmmm...July is going to involve South Beach, New York City, and Vegas. Can I do it???

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