Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 24: Days 4 - 7 - Brief Stint of the Daily Grind!

Week 24: Day 4 Outfit (back at work!): BR baby blue sleeveless wrap-around blouse, Ann Taylor beige slacks, Guess red patent leather shoes

Week 24: Day 5 Outfit (another day in the office): White BR button down with cinched back and puffy sleeves (going in the donation pile!), Brown pin-striped Old Navy Pants, Red Uniqlo faux-fur belt, Naughty Monkey Shoes (couldn't quite bring myself to wear the Louboutin's yet!)

Week 24: Day 6 Outfit (errand running - a luxury!): Liz Claiborne Off-white ribbed sleeveless top, Old Navy taupe (I think) mini-skirt with satin belt, Lovely Day flats (really cute, you just can't tell because my camera sucks!)

Week 24: Day 7 Outfit (baby shower and wedding - a twofer!): BR long black dress with rope-like straps, Mossimo silver strappy kitten heels (a whoppin' $7 at Target...the price was right, the bottoms are already peeling off)

Week 25, Day 1: BR Red cotton tee, Old Navy "skorts"

Well, the last half of last week, though back in the general vicinity of home, was still pretty exhausting. Work continued to be crazy, though lightening up a little bit. Wednesday I came into the office as many people who generally work from home were coming in for an office visitor. It was good to have face-time after my back to back vacations and remote working from the NYC office. I also had a chance to go to a bi-weekly happy hour with the boss and Mike (from Mike and Lyn, the people I crash with during trips up to Detroit).
Thursday was another office day and similarly jam-packed. I woke up with a nasty sore throat and half-contemplated heading home instead of getting through another work day, but after a good couple cups of black tea with honey, I was feeling more myself. Plus, the HEL-NO ladies club (comprised of current and one previous co-worker) and I had made plans for dinner and a screening of Eclipse...a movie that I was extremely excited about! I can't remember the last time I was excited to see a movie - let alone a girlie flick...and this vampire/wolfy 2 hours of cheesiness (in some minds) did not disappoint and completely satiated my yearning - like blood does for the vampires. After dinner and the movie, and a 1.5 hour drive home, I was pulling into the garage around 11:30pm...POOPED and still slightly sick from the morning cold.
Friday - what a luxury...I actually got to make use of my company's summer hours - where every other week or so, you can take a half day. I shut down the computer around 2pm and used the time to...RUN ERRANDS! A little returning of a damaged coat rack here, some grocery shopping there - I got home and was thrilled to check a few things off of my list, and then plopped onto the couch to catch up on the Bachelorette. I also managed to cook dinner at home which was again a thoroughly enjoyed activity after being on the road for so many days and eating sodium-laden foods from restaurants that care nothing about your heart nor your waistline. Friday evening was a great time to just chill and go to bed early - I think I clocked myself at an 8:30 body shut down!

Saturday - another activity-filled day beginning with Spinning and Yoga (a back-to-back Saturdy morning activity that I had missed for a few weeks), then headed home to NAP (still fighting off the cold - who gets colds in the summer??), and then set out for a baby-shower brunch at a local tapas restaurant. Funny, the shower was for my yoga instructor (hello Jenn if you're reading) who 2 hours prior kicked my inflexible butt through what I would deem a damn good workout for something that's supposed to be "stretching." My shoulders are still sore from the chaturanga's (Yes, I had to google this to see if I was spelling it right...not that I really care about appropriate spelling this late in my blogging...this is for you Jenn!). After the baby shower was a short break before heading to the wedding of one of my fellow DUB clubbers' daughters. Mike and I are coming to the realization that we are now entering the era of going to friends' children's weddings...how scary is that??...especially when we don't have children of our own! Needless to say, Saturday was fun-filled...but again exhausting - damn colds suck the life out of you...even when you're having fun (hmmm, or maybe it was the drinking and dancing - ah well)!

Sunday was mostly chill. I woke up and caught a morning spinning class, then lounged about home (actually, I think I took another nap), and then got rubbed down by none other than ADAM...who, I must say, really beat me up this time around by squeezing all of the knots in my shoulders out. I guess you could say that the stress I've been feeling in the past few weeks has really taken a toll on my shoulders. Either that or all the chaturanga's that Jenn made us do on Saturday. After the massage, Mike and I got a little pool time in, grilled dinner outside, and just took in the lovely weather that was bestowed upon us by Mother Nature Sunday evening. A perfect ending to a stint of go-go-go...and I then wrapped up Sunday by blogging about my previous week. I guess you could say that I'm a little behind and re-counting things a few days post mortem.

Okay, so I need to remember that my blog is about how difficult it has been to stick with this challenge - my trials and tribulations of giving up shopping and to trying to exhaust my closet before allowing myself to re-wear something. Well...on the re-wearing clothes front, I will admit that it is getting close to impossible to look halfway fashionable based on the slim pickings that I have left in my closet and drawers. Nonetheless, a challenge is a challenge, so I am now thinking that my attire in Vegas (which I head out for on Saturday) is going to be "interesting." But given how freakin' hot it will be out there, my guess is that all I'll want to wear are shorts and tank tops when I'm not by the pool in my bathing suit. There will need to be at least one going out outfit...so I do have a few more fun "going out" tops that I have kept in reserve knowing that my Vegas trip would eventually come around. I have a very high pile of stacked "cannot be worn until you have gone through the entire closet" clothes sitting in the hallway to my bathroom - which I'm sure is driving Mike crazy at this point (well, probably not, as he has a matching heap of clothes stacked by his side of the bed). Each time I walk by my stack, I sigh, as I am reminded of how much I've been procrastinating housework. All this travel has certainly left me tired (and I'm sure you wonder why I am going to Vegas this weekend - let's just say that I have not been the best at spacing out my travel indulgences and have learned after this year, that I am going to do a much better job of it!). So, anyway, the clothing challenge continues to be a challenge - not so much the not shopping part as the not wearing anything again until I wear everything else part. That and my fluctuating waistline from all the trips is making it hard to find clothes that 1) fit, and 2) look okay even if I can button them. But, damn, the food is good!

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