Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 23: Days 1- 5: Miami Ending, NYC Beginning

Week 23: Day 1: (pictured in previous blog): Black Old Navy linen dress

Week 23: Day 2: Ann Taylor black halter top, Gap green courduroy shorts (Mikey wanted to guest-star)

Week 23: Day 3: "Peace" hot pink shirt, Banana Republic trouser jeans
Week 23: Day 4: Work from home:
Week 23: Day 5: Ditto

Well, I think to say that I am behind on blogging is a major understatement. Since my last blog, I have left Miami, spent a couple days back at home, and then hopped onto a plane for the Girl's Weekend in NYC. A whirlwind, travel-wise - and to add to that, an insane time work-wise. Things continued to be crazy after my trip to Miami from a work perspective - which is why I have fallen so behind on blogging. But, nonetheless, I am back and ready to re-count my ongoings a good 2 weeks from when I last blogged.

The rest of our trip to Miami was fun - though peppered with me having to sit in front of my computer trying to take care of a few pressing work-related things. After dinner with Mike at the stone crab restaurant - which was AWESOME for people who like crab, I was hit with a bad case of the Sunday blues which kept me up until about 2A worried about all the things I had to get done when I was "back from vacation." So, instead of waiting, I figured working through some of the "to do's" would help put my mind at ease...which it did...a little bit. I got this crazy notion to go back up to the hot tub on the top floor of our hotel around midnight, donned my bikini, and then got up to the top floor only to find the door locked and the hot tub, so much for using that to help relieve a little stress! So, I ended up banging out a few emails and doing some work to take my mind off or work - odd, huh?

On Monday, Mike and I headed out to the Florida Keys as the South Beach scene was getting old. The heat did not back down, so Mike and I walked around Key West for most of the 4 hours we were there dripping with sweat. We made a stop at the Hemingway home so Mike could indulge his curiosity of Hemingway, and I could indulge my interest in seeing the polydactile cat colony that still exists at the old Hemingway stomping grounds. We ended our visit with a stop at Hemingway's favorite watering hole - Sloppy Joe's - where Mike and I downed a frozen concoction so cold that we had multiple episodes of brain freeze (hell, it was the only thing we could do from suffering heat strokes!). Monday evening was relatively low key, with the two of us a bit boozed out and ready to eat something less luxurious (aka - CHEAP) - so we stopped by a taco joint and called it a night.

Tuesday was spent mostly gearing up for heading home - so Mike and I had breakfast at a famous breakfast joint called the Front Porch Cafe (which was next door to our hotel), I headed to Starbucks to get a bit more work done, and then we worked our way to the airport and spent the rest of the day flying home - Southwest Airlines-style - which equates to a 1/2 day of traveling on multiple planes.

Wednesday - Thursday were work from home days, as I was exhausted from the travels and had too much work to do to even allow myself the 3 hours it would take to commute to the office and back. So, aside from working like a dog, not much to report for Wednesday and Thursday!

Friday morning was more work, and then me trying to scramble to get onto a plane while also making sure that my client's unreasonable requests were met. One might think - well, why don't you tell your client you're on vacation? I don't think the word "vacation" is even in this client's vocabulary - as is evident by the crazy amount of emails she sends after hours and throughout the weekend. Plus, in the past 2 months, I have had a European vacation, a Miami vacation, and then was ready to embark on an NYC vacation - so...I'm thinking saying that "I'm on vacation" over and over again is borderline ridiculous. Next year, definitely plan on spacing things out a bit - as I am exhausted not only from work, but also from working while on vacation!

Stressed as I was about work, getting onto a plane for our girl's weekend with Maggie had a great deal of comfort in it - so much that I ordered a screwdriver for the flight to NYC to take the edge off...but was frantically working away at a spreadsheet that I owed the client upon my arrival into New York City. Maggie and I had uneventful travel, took a cab to Julie's, and I immediately holed myself up in Julie's home office to call my crazy client back. Needless to say, after dealing with client angst during my trip out to NYC, when 5:30 rolled around and Julie, Jason, and Maggie asked if I wanted to get a drink, my response was...HELL YEAH!

NYC story to be continued...

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