Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 40, Day 6: Catharsis

Wow, two blogs in a row - I think I'm on a roll. I just had to blog about the deep sense of release I felt as I dropped off 4 bags of clothing to the Goodwill this afternoon. I also finally tidied up my bathroom hallway and rehung all the clothes that were in "worn purgatory" back in my regular closet as they are no longer off limits now that I have pretty much gone through all of my clothing. I made a point to get rid of anything that upon glancing at it, makes me suddenly feel fat - with some exceptions - you got to keep a pair or two of skinny jeans in your closet so you can feel good about squeezing back into them. But all the tops that are too short, tight, or just plain ugly were thrown into one of the bags that Goodwill will hopefully find a use for. Yay! Less clothes!!

--Lilly out.

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