Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weeks 39 - 40: Out of Clothes (I think)

November 17th - JCrew black wool coat, Ann Taylor gold cami, Anthropologie black skirt - work day, but you can tell I'm really really running out of clothes as this is something you'd normally wear to an office Christmas party, not a regular workday!

November 16th - Gray BR sweater (why are they all so short now?), Gap jeans - another day of errands

November 15th - Brass Plum (Nordstrom) Yellow Sweater scoop neck sweater, JCrew white corduroys - Errands and such (I think)

November 14th - Grey Gap sweater, BR "fat jeans" (yes, I get a lot of mileage out of these puppies, especially these days) - DUB Club!

November 12th - BR velvet droppy necked top (probably more appropriate for New Year's Eve), you guessed it "fat jeans." - trip up to Michigan to drink a lot of wine at Dennis and Linnelle's!

November 10th - BR little black dress (I'm gettingn desparate at this point), BR green sweater (which I am re-cyclingg because I'm running out of things to wear) - training in Pittsburgh

November 7th - Brooks Brothers black ribbed wool sweater, Gap jeans w/ turquoise stitching, though you can't tell - heading into Pittsburgh for training

Well, for you readers who have not given up on me for being such a slacker with this blog, rest assured, I'm still here and not-shopping with a vengeance! A couple things to report:

1. I think I am officially out of wearable outfits. My drawers are completely empty (except for sweaters that have either shrunk or are shorter because the girth of my mid-section is wider), all that is left hanging in my closet are suit jackets or suits that are too small for me (I've worn all the pants), a few holiday tops (tis the season!) or tops that are so tight that I can barely breathe, a pleated mini-skirt that if worn out would likely get me picked up by a pedophile, although with a pair of leggings, I might be able to pull it off - we'll see, and other shirts that are slated for the donation pile. So, yes, I think I am officially out of anything that can be paired together reasonably without me looking like Cyndi Lauper. So, I'm going to go back and start re-wearing selected articles of clothing that I need to finish out the unworn clothes (e.g., pair a black sweater with that school girl mini-skirt I just wrote about).
2. I walked into the Banana Republic that I used to frequent weekly, and walked out without buying a thing. Moreover, I walked out empty-handed without feeling a tinge of crazed clothing fanaticism. I did see the manager that a year ago would surely have recognized me, but this time around, looked at me as if I was any other rarely seen shopper. SUCCESS!

Following my week-long company conference, I had a brief stint at home and then headed back out to Pittsburgh for training. Given that this was a work function, I did dig back out a couple of clothes from my "worn" closet. Unfortunately, all of that eating and drinking at the conference caught up with me and I was once again squeezing into pants that I courageously bought a size smaller than I normally wear when I was about 6 lbs. thinner last year. Boy, it's amazing what 6 lbs. will do to your waistline! This, too, is the reason that there are still a few items of not yet worn clothing that are unwearable these days. It's a terrible feeling, which is why I am trying to drink less - we'll see how long that lasts!

This past weekend began with a trip up to Detroit to visit our favorite "met at Santa Barbara but you really only live about an hour away" couples. We stayed with Linnelle and Dennis and helped them burn through about a 1/2 dozen bottles of extremely lush wines. I would estimate that we must have imbibed about $600 worth of wine that night - and to set the record straight, this was due more to quality than quantity.

Saturday evening, I crashed the bachelorette party of one of Sarah's friends and we headed up to MGM (Detroit) to celebrate in style. We began by eating at the steak restaurant there (Bourbon Steak - great food, terrible service). During dinner, we were approached by a very short gentleman that wished the bride luck and then invited us to join he and his colleagues at one of the clubs in MGM at which they had rented a table with bottle service. drinks at a club where it's impossible to get a bartender to serve you a drink and where the bottom shelf stuff is $10 a drink? SURE! So we spent the evening enjoying our quasi-celebrity status at the table with free drinks while making occassional trips to the dance floor and then coming back to the elite area to refill our drinks. The night at the club ended with Sarah and I finding ourselves on the ground in the middle club with spilled drinks all over our hair and clothes after she had stepped on a lime (while holding onto me) and the both of us taking the fall - her way worse than I. And as luck (or should I say a lesson to not dance like a maniac in stiletto heels on a floor wettened with spilled drinks) would have it, the lights of the club came on right as Sarah and I were splattered on the floor - me in a short dress, which looked more like a long shirt when I am plastered to the floor. Yes, I know, good thing I was not pulling a Britney or Lindsay Lohan (those who follow celebrity news will know exactly what I'm talking about).

Sunday, yes, there's more! I went shopping with my DUB Club pals (which is why I ended up at Banana) and then we headed back to Kim's to hang out with the significant others. I had filled the ladies in on the fact that my training last week was focused on interpreting the results of a personality test that our company administers. I must say that taking the test and seeing all the areas that I was at 100% of the norm on was a bit eye-opening. I'm sure it'll be no surprise to those who know me that I am 100% on Hedonism, Sociability, and Attention Seeking, and quite a few other traits I'd rather not post publicly. Anyway, me talking about the training I went through got Kim, Diana, and Mechelle curious about where they'd score high, so I suggested we play the game True Colors together with our partners to learn more about how people perceive each other. It was a blast and interesting to find out whether people will vote for you as the "most likely to make return trips back home to make sure the oven and lights are all turned off" (I did not get any votes - so I guess everyone thinks I'll just let the house burn down - which is probably accurate).

This week has been pretty uneventful and relatively low key work-wise. A great way to ease into the week of Thanksgiving. You'd think I'd spend this time blogging or clearing out the clothing that has piled up in our bathroom that I keep meaning to move upstairs and hang - but no, just been chilling and being lazy. That's the thing about not being busy, you become lazier - go figure!

Until next year! Just kidding - I haven't gotten that lazy. I hope to keep the blog going at least weekly if not more - we shall see. Don't give up on me! There's 3 months left!!

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