Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 38: Annual Company Conference

November 6th - dinner at a nearby town that still classifies as a destination for dinner - definitely getting rid of this top that is way too small for me now (again, because it shrank in the wash - yeah, right!)

November 5th - Turquoise BR wool v-neck sweater, Black Ann Taylor Loft corduroys - Bowling Green brown bag speaker followed by dinner

Well, I have renewed interest in blogging again after attending my company's annual conference and being approached by a couple of people who heard about my Blog - one of them being my boss's boss (Hi Barry). Given that my closet of "not yet worn clothing" is dwindling down to just a few pieces, I ended up packing mostly things that I had to borrow from my upstairs "off limits" closet. Because this week's conference is a time to see people that I haven't seen in awhile, and given that I had a few moments on stage being videotaped, I allowed myself a reprieve from not repeat clothing and made sure I picked out items that fall into my "favorites" category...oh, and comfort was key as our days at this 3.5 day long conference go from early in the morning to late at night - so think, lots of dresses.
During the conference, I received a few compliments on my wardrobing choices, which was a good feeling - especially since I have been scraping the barrel of wearable clothes for the past few months now. In previous years, I would spend a couple of weeks gearing up for this event by shopping and picking out just the right thing to wear to the Awards night, or on the longest day of the conference, or on the designated "fun night" of the conference - which is generally characterized by a lot of standing and social-butterflying. This year, however, it was a great accomplishment to buy nothing new but still be able to look relatively fashionable throughout the trip. I think this is the ultimate testament to the fact that I don't need to shop, and I certainly don't need to shop as often as I used to!

This week was - as usual at these things - exhausting and exhilirating at the same time. I am an extrovert in the truest definition of the word - someone who actually gets energy from being around others. So, even though these long 12-14 hour days would exhaust even the most high-energy person, the exhiliration of re-connecting with people that you haven't seen in a year or so is very much there and is what keeps me going on these long days. I also, miraculously, end up shedding a few pounds at this conference - which is really contrary to what one might expect given that there is a ton of food at this event and that you are being fed at least every 2 hours. I think it's the excitement of being around others and the energy that I get from it that staves off hunger...or it could be all the walking that we do during this conference. Our conference is held in Western PA in the middle of nowhere. The resort itself is rather amazing. It's a motley assortment of decor and themes that include a European Chateau, a Hunting Lodge, a Zen-inspired Spa (which I, of course, make good use of every year), a Golf Course, an animal zoo (which is funnily enough, positioned next to some of the condos at which the conference attendees stay...stories of being woken up by roaring bears have been told), and other mish-mash of activity-based landmarks. Needless to say, it's Disneyworld for adults and is so spread out and sparse, it's no wonder that my feet are ready to disown the rest of my body by the time the last day rolls around - plus I refuse to wear anything less than 2 inch heels as I need all the help I can get to not feel like a dwarf during this conference!

So, it was a long week filled with re-wearing of some favorites. I also managed to get my new laptop from which I'm typing this blog. It's equipped with Office 2010 which has a feature where I can create my blog entry from Microsoft Word...unfortunately, I have not been able to figure that one out quite yet...perhaps by the next time I post??

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