Tuesday, February 1, 2011

5 days to go: Feeling a little dowdy

So I discovered today a community of Petite fashion bloggers. I found the first one by Googling "Tory Burch flats hurt my heels" and came across this beautiful blog looking way more professional than my sad one. The pictures look much more professional than mine (even though they take the pictures themselves), the bloggers much smaller and more fashionable than myself, and to make matters worst, at least 40 times the numbers of subscribers as me. So, sigh, I guess I'm having a little bit of a deflated ego moment. BUT - have any of them given up shopping for a year? I doubt it! In fact, their posts are usually reviews about a most recent purchase. As taxing as I feel that blogging sometimes is, I do think I'll miss having a way to express myself and write about random observations - so maybe that's the next thing in store for me - to join this community of fashion blogging. I'll have to get much better at posing and getting the camera-work down, but it may be a worthwhile pursuit. It's like shopping with your mother - you ask for an opinion and a few moments later, your inbox is flooded with them!

As I reflect on some of my "best of's" from my year of blogging (okay, it's a bit ridiculous given that I've only really posted about 100 times or so), I can't help to think of all the comments I got when I was nearly arrested for speeding. Well, sadly, though I have been pretty good about not shopping, my lead foot has managed to get me into trouble again. Mike and I were in St. Louis a couple of weekends ago and we were a bit lost, so I was paying attention to my GPS telling me that I just missed a turn and suddenly saw lights flashing in back of me. This truly was one of those moments chocked full of innocence where I had no idea I was going over the speed limit - hell, I didn't even know what the speed limit was. So, I pulled over, sucked it up, took the $125 penalty and (sadly) was thankful that I wasn't told some additional bad news like "we're going to need to take you in ma'am because your license plate is expired" or some other ridiculous reason to penalize an upstanding citizen like me! I was very deflated, though, as I do feel like I've taken great strides at using my cruise control to counteract what I truly believe is a lead foot - perhaps somewhere in one of my right foot bones, there hides a magazines of lead bullets. Oh, I know! I know! It goes back to when my brother stabbed me in the knee cap when I was 6 years old with a pencil!!! I'm certain that the lead coming from that broken tip has grown into a large wad of heaviness in my foot causing me to unknowingly apply greater pressure to the gas pedal than others!! Okay, I hope you're at least snickering at this because this may be one of my last little quips (sniff, sniff).

I decided to test my willpower today by cleaning out the cobwebs between my Internet Browser and some pre-challenge websites that were often frequented (even bookmarked!). I am happy to report that browsing through Banana Republic, JCrew, White House Black Market, Ann Taylor, and Blue Fly did nothing to my shopping appetite. At no moment did I click on an item and add it to my shopping bag! I guess the real test comes when I am physically close to the latest fashions, can easily grab something and - gasp - try it on!! That is what always did me in in the past - it's one thing to see something hanging on the rack, it's another to see your skinnified self in the mirror (because, as I've posted before, they have those funhouse mirrors that make you look like a runway model) and to deny what you at the moment think is going to be that one piece in your closet that you'll keep going back to. An then, one year later, that article of clothing either stares at you unworn or taunts you for buying it when it didn't look nearly as splendid as you were lead to believe while in the store and high off of new clothing fumes.

I have no new outfits to report this time around, as I've been lounging around in my fleece pants and jacket - ridiculously watching the weather reports in hopes that tomorrow will be a snow day. I think it will! All the reason to blog more tomorrow!

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