Wednesday, February 2, 2011

4 days and counting - murmurs of the shopping urge

These are a few of my favorite things (and now you have that darn Julie Andrews song in your head - sorry!)

Jimmy Choo for H&M Dress. Used to be longer but I managed to shrink it when handwashing it recently - so, though worn here without leggings, would not be okay to do this outside of the comforts of my own home! Definitely my go to "girl's night out dress"

H&M taupe (?) belted dress. Good for going out or under a blazer for work. Almost makes me look tall!

BR pink sleeveless silk top, BR grey wool belted skirt with rusching. I haven't actually worn these together, nor would I to work without a blazer on top, but I do like pink & grey together. PeeWee the cat making a guest appearance.

Forever 21 jumper. This is one of those articles that you curse yourself for wearing when you need to use the bathroom. But nonetheless, I like it and it makes my legs look less dwarf-like. Uniqlo faux fur red belt-also a favorite!

Black Ann Taylor Loft sleeveless dress. Yes, one of my many little black dresses, but (in my opinion) by far the most flattering. not sure what does it - the cinched waist, the almost racerback sleeves, or where it hits on the knees...regardless, it's comfy and I like it!

BR blue rayon dress. A more recent purchase (last January). Though somewhat plain looking worn here, would like nice under a blazer or with some accessories - both of which I need to get better at wearing!

It's probably no news to anyone anywhere near the midwest that I am typing this post in a home blanketed in snow! Because of this snow-day, I had a little extra time to spare and decided to make up for those days that I was not getting dolled up in my Top 30 outfits and post them today. However, unlike the petite bloggers that I discovered yesterday, I will not be posting the size of these clothes as I am certainly not a OOP or an XXSP - geez, I feel like a large giant in comparison!

Discovering this entire community of petite fashion bloggers has inspired me to take a little more care in my self-portraits and also to start jazzing up my wardrobe a, I guess the itch is starting again. So much, that I actually visited a few more sites, got really excited for an upcoming trip to Chicago at the end of this month because it will place me about 10 minutes away from a kick-ass outlet, and started thumbing through my wardrobe while hmming and haaaing about what I definitely have to buy once I re-release myself back into the mall. Here's my list (thank you petite fashion bloggers for your inspiration):
  • a belt that is small enough to stay put around the top of my waist (currently, all belts I own either drop down to the hips or end up having a very long tail that just hangs out past the buckle)
  • Jeggings - yes, they are all the rage these days and the best part about them is that they are stretchy! So, I could supposedly do yoga in them (according to one Jegging infomercial that I saw the other day - of which I do not intend to buy, but it sold me on the concept!)
  • a new pair of jeans that I can wear with heels - my favorite fat-jeans are now shredded at the bottom of the pant hem because after stretching them out a bit, they drag on the floor if my heels aren't high enough
  • a new pair of jeans that I can wear with flats - I only have the one pair - yes, I'm sure you know which they are, the ones with the stripes going down them. I need something a bit more tailored and good for going out
  • a few new cute jackets that can be worn for work and casual events - again, inspiration from the petite fashion bloggers. Jackets make you look so much more put together!

Though this list may seem long for those of you who did not have to put yourself on a 1 year shopping fast because you had an uncontrollable problem, this is actually a pretty reasonable list given that I have not shopped for almost 365 days! Notice that I did not list little black dress, black work pants, or any type of shoe! So, in my mind, this is progress!

I'll keep today's blog short so I can keep up this daily blog momentum. I will also try to take a few more pictures and post them on tomorrow's post.

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