Friday, February 4, 2011

2 Days To Go: Thawing Out

And, no, the title of today's post is not in reference to the weather, because temperatures have dropped not increased. There are icicles everywhere due to the heavy snowfall from Wednesday followed by frigid below zero windchill effected temperatures. What is thawing out on my kitchen counter, however, are my store credit cards that I froze in water about 1 year ago. Meant to be more symbolic than anything, the act of taking that small plastic container out to thaw has conjured up a growing sense of accomplishment. I'm also realizing how quickly a year can go by, as it really doesn't feel like it's been that long since I submerged these thin pieces of plastic in water and remorsefully placed the container on the top shelf of the fridge. I hope not to actually need to use any of these cards in the near future, as I anticipate using my $100 gift card at Banana and not going a penny over that amount during my first shopping trip in 2011. Furthermore, I am now in a car-buying frenzy and may end up purchasing a car this weekend - so, that will definitely set me back a bit and encourage some frugality in other departments of my budget - like clothes!

Brass Plum Jacket, Black BR sleeveless top with side waist ruching, Express Jeans, Ann Taylor loft necklace.

So, I conjured up today's outfit after trying on several different outfits. This invokes some feelings of fashionista inadequacy - either because I've been a bit out of practice, or because I am engaging in upward comparison to those skinny mini's whose blogs I have been following lately. They are all at a completely different level of fashion-ability than I, leading me to feel 1) gigantic, and 2) dowdy. Nonetheless, if there is anything I have discovered this year, it's that my "style" is more that of business sophistication and less runway fabulous. The jacket is a bit snug, as I bought it several years ago at Brass Plum (a section in Nordstrom for the younger type) when I was about 5 lbs. thinner. Odd how weight gain does not discriminate and somehow manages to evenly disperse itself through your entire body! Given how cold it is outside today, I opted for heels with trouser socks-probably not the best fashion statement, but a practical one! I'm also trying to put more effort into accessorizing - hence the necklace. The outfit felt like it was missing something, so I threw on one of my "go to" pieces for work. Not super hipster, but it'll do.

Okay, 2 more days of outfit reporting - I will try to stay true and on top of it as we near the BIG DAY - and, no, I'm not referring to the Superbowl!

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