Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 27: Dwindling Closet!

Week 27, Day 1: Lounging around, no outfit to report

Week 27, Days 2 & 3: Work from home day, no outfit

Week 27, Day 4: Office day - BR black silk tuxedo shirt that ties in back, BR trouser jeans

Week 27, Day 5: Work from home day - nothing to report

Week 27, Day 6: Unknown brand, brown cotton dress with hood & ruched waist, purchased at a local boutique in Perrysburg.

Week 27, Day 7: Unknown brand, black sleeveless shirt with racerback straps that criss-cross in the back, White Ann Taylor Loft trousers (that get another go the next day!)

Week 28, Day 1: BR red halter top, White Ann Taylor Loft trousers (yes, I re-wore them!)
On my second week of low-key lifestyle, I spent most of the week easing back into a more monotonous lifestyle. I worked from home quite a bit last week and headed into the office just for a day for our team's fundraiser bake-off. I brought my white chocolate raspberry bars and won second place for the contribution - probably could have won first if I had made the recipe correctly (accidentally used half the butter required, didn't have almond extract, so I used Frangelico). Nonetheless, it was a success as measured by the empty baking pan that I took home with me.
Friday we went out with Julie (someone I met at Essence), her Swiss hubby, and Lisa (who used to be my partner in shopping crime before this challenge). We went to Vino100, munched on appetizers and food, and enjoyed 3 good bottles of wine. Julie and Marcus then came to our place to meet our newest addition (Pee Wee) and then we called it a relatively tame night.
Saturday we went the Sarah and Dave's to celebrate Dave's speedy attainment of a doctorate (put us all to shame in needing 2 years and 363 days - I took 5 years!). We ate, drank, and mingled, and got home at a relatively decent hour. I donned what is likely my last sleeveless black top - one that I couldn't really wear when I was bloated from all my hedonistic trips, but finally after spending the past couple weeks de-bloating myself, felt comfortable wearing again.
Sunday, my 3rd straight day of socializing, I went to Mechelle's to celebrate Diana's birthday (co-owner of Vino100). Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of the DUBs, so in usual DUB fashion, we ladies drank our martinis and wine, snacked on scrumptious food provided by Mechelle and her hubby Pete, and engaged in girl talk. Much of the night is still a little fuzzy for me, as I apparently drank more than I thought (as is evident by my hangover). I crashed at Mechelle's place, and then awoke around 6:30A and headed back home. I announced to the fellow DUBbers that I am now past 6 months of not shopping...we talked of maybe having a big outing when this whole challenge is over...oh boy! Kim asked me if there's anything I have learned from this challenge and I shared about my epiphany of needing to decide on what my "style" is and sticking to it. This will help me avoid impulse purchases and stick with buying articles of clothing that will complement my wardrobe. Whereas I used to go out and drop $50 on a shirt that I "had to have" for some outing that I had planned that day or weekend, I can now say with confidence that I'll be thinking twice before plopping down the credit card and will make take a mental spin through my closet before I make the purchase. Who knows how long that will last!
On Friday, I dropped some clothes off at Clothes Mentor (a consignment shop) and made $50. It's sad, but many of the things that I took in were only purchased a year or two ago - but now no longer "look right" on me are have been classified in my mind as out of style. It feels really good to clean out your closet and to even get something back for things that would otherwise just hang there and accumulate dust. Overall, I have made about $100 back in clothing that I no longer plan to wear - not too shabby - it pays for 1/6th of my Louboutin shoes!
Speaking of my Louboutin's, I have made a mini-shrine for these prized possessions and have displayed them on the shoebox they came in atop the shelf of my closet. Thus, walking into my closet each morning, I am reminded of my beauties and how it's important to start investing in quality, not quantity! It's also not hard to spot these shoes, as my "not yet worn" wardrobe could now be classified as sparse - where there are more empty hangers than used hangers, and the number of unworn tops total less than 10. I've also decided to not wear something for the sake of wearing it, and if I really don't like it anymore, to place it in the Clothes Mentor-bound box. I'm hoping to score at least another $50 during my next there is a Coach bag in the mix that the lady at the store told me to clean and bring back, and could guarantee that I'd get $15 for it. Now, the question is, what do I do with the money I get for my unwanted clothing? Hmmm...maybe save it up and buy myself a Louis Vuitton bag when this challenge is over? Tempting!!!

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