Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 26: Back to home life!

Week 26, Day 2: Limited black camisole, Yellow Ann Taylor Loft pants

Week 26, Day 3: BR Pink Tee, Old Navy khaki capris, Unknown brand pink patterned belt

Week 26, Day 4: Ann Taylor Loft khaki shirt dress, faux fur red belt

Week 26, Day 5: Work from home day

Week 26, Day 6: Forever 21 denim one-piece short-sleeved, button-down, jumper

Week 26, Day 7: Patagonia orange halter tie-back dress

My first full week of being home since June! This week (Monday) began with a visit from Mike's brother and girlfriend (Dave and Tara) driving in from Peoria with a stop in Chicago. I knew that our kitty, Peewee, would be a hit with Tara...and she was :) Mike's aunt and uncle also joined us for what was meant to be grilling out, but a cloudburst ruined that idea so we spent the evening enjoying dinner inside. It was nice to cook a meal at home and begin my slight detox from the previous week in Vegas (yes, clothes are once again tight!).

Tuesday was a work from home day and involved running a few errands as well - which is why I got dressed. Nothing more to report there!

Wednesday, I headed into the office and then went out with my HEL-NO girls (Kate, Kelly, and Lyn). We met up for Happy Hour at a wine bar near work, enjoyed a couple half price glasses of wine and small plates, and then headed out to wander down the street before calling it a relatively tame and early night. I headed home (rather than crashing at the Cummins') as I wanted to be home with my little kitty and continue to dwell in being home after what seemed like an over-indulgent July.

Thursday was another work from home day, so not much to report there in terms of clothing. I caught a late afternoon yoga class, and then engaged in what is becoming a bit of a traditional Thursday night - heading over to Jen's place to enjoy her awesome vegetable farm share that we use portions of to make dinner that we enjoy with a couple bottles of wine. We made some great vegetable side dishes that all came together to serve a nice, light, and satisfying meal. I brought over an angel food cake, macerated strawberries with a bit of orange liquer, and home made whipped cream (can you tell that I'm watching Top Chef as I type this blog??).

My workload on Friday was relatively light, so I decided to take advantage of the 1/2 days that my company offers during the summer and booked an appointment with my favorite massage therapist - was, as usual, relaxing and a great start to the weekend. That night, the BG gang - a group that has not been together alone in quite some time - got together to go wine tasting and then grab dinner. What I thought for sure would be a bender turned out to be a relatively low-key night. My outfit for that night was something I pulled out from the closet upstairs earlier in the week...something I bought last year inspired by an outfit that Gillian wore on the Bachelorette...and was thrilled to find at Forever 21. I've only worn it once - probably because it's a jumper and is a pain to get on and off when I need to use the restroom. Needless to say, I paid particular attention to my water and wine intake that night so as to avoid the awkward shimmy I have to do to wiggle out of the one-piece.

Saturday morning, I returned to my regular workout routine and then stayed at home awaiting the Best Buy delivery guy to come install our new washer (the old one broke down last week). Unfortunately, the window they communicated to us came and went, so we were without a washer, and now my hubby was experiencing the same thing I've been going through for the past 6 months, dwindling clothing options! Saturday evening we accompanied Sarah and Dave to a fundraiser called "Barefoot on the Beach" which was an impressive event. The coordinators managed to take the Maumee Bay state park (a beach by the bay) and transform it into a tropical/beachy environ that at times (and with a couple glasses of wine) made you forget that you were in the Toledo vicinity. The food, catered by local restaurants, was delicious and delivered in the form of small plates...I, of course, relaxed my no-meat eating rule, as there were too many yummy meat options to pass up - my favorite was a homemade jalapeno sausage with some kind of creamy chive sauce and fried onion strings from a local beer and brat joint called Swig (Jen will be happy to see this). After making the drive back to our place, Sarah and Dave shared another glass of wine with us and we then called it a relatively early night (midnight-ish).

So, an update on the clothing front...I spent Sunday finally sorting through my "worn" pile and hanging it upstairs in our guest bedroom closet. I have now officially stuffed on of the closets to the point that there is no room for anymore hangers. Also, my "reserve" closet from upstairs, where I keep my off-season clothing is pretty much depleted. I also took some time to iron and fold the clothes that I want to take to the consignment shop - so I'll be ready for a trip to the store and then the Good Will next weekend. There's something oddly satisfying about getting rid of clothes and simplifying it. If there's one thing that I've learned from this challenge, it's the fact that many of the things I end up getting rid of were bought on a whim without much reflection on how that item would work with the rest of my wardrobe. So, instead of buying something trendy and that I'll wear for "that event," I definitely think my shopping mentality will focus more on classic pieces that will complement my wardrobe, not further complicate it! We shall see - the first day back at a store will be very telling!!

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