Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 29: Still going...and going...and going

Week 29, Day 2: Work from home day - nothing to report

Week 29, Day 3: BR White tuxedo ruffle shirt, JCrew Black A-Line Skirt, Brass Plum sandals

Week 29, Day 4 (borrowed from Lyn!): BR print top, Old Navy black skirt
Week 29, Day 5: Old Navy black woven top, Old Navy cropped jeans

Week 29, Day 6: BR Black wrap shirt, Old Navy cropped jeans (yes, the same ones as earlier in the week!)

Week 29, Day 7: Urban Outfitters lavender crop sleeved top with tie in back, BR boyfriend jeans

My closet, I mean...keeps going and going and going...even though for the past month's worth of posts I keep thinking that I'm going to finally exhaust my wardrobe. I still have at least a few weeks' worth of work clothes left to wear, which will likely stretch out to a couple of months as I rarely go into the office these days, and a drawer with one summer top left to wear, but tons of long sleeve shirts that will likely begin making appearances now that the weather is starting to cool down. I really did not think I could go this long without having to pull something out from the "off limits" closet of worn clothes, but gosh...I really do have too many clothes! I guess it doesn't really count when days that I'm working from home, I just re-wear the same things or don't get dressed at all, but still, I have at least worn different things for 60-70 days! As for the urge to continue shopping - not there! I have even been able to thumb through JCrew magazines, go online to BR or White House Black Market, and though the interest is there, the compulsion to whip out my credit card and click "Purchase" is not.
This past week, I spent a couple days in the office, one of which I wasn't intending to, but after realizing on Tuesday that my boss had called an important team meeting, couldn't rationalize taking the call from home. So...I borrowed Lyn's clothes and crashed and her and Mike's place that night. Amazing...aside from having to wear my undergarments for a second day (don't judge!), I pretty much got by with the contact solution and case in my car, the make-up bag in my purse, and Lyn's clothes.
Wednesday, aside from working in the office, was pretty uneventful.
Thursday, I got to spend the evening at home while Mike was at some political thing, so I just chilled and made dinner at home and caught up on some DVR episodes from the food network. This was good, as I was able to just enjoy ONE glass of wine and feel completely satiated by that - as blogging about my social events has begun to make me a bit self-conscious about my drinking habits.
Friday, Mike and I went to a wine tasting (okay, the aforementioned self-consciousness is obviously gone) and enjoyed some good samplings, then headed home to eat the dinner I had prepared before we headed out for the tasting. We enjoyed dinner on the patio and heard our neighbor, Cathy, outside with her dogs, so we invited her over to enjoy the awesome Fall-ish weather on our patio while we sipped another glass of wine. Our Friday evening ended early and Mike and I were able to just enjoy the quiets of our own home and provide support to our darling kitten, Peewee, as she recovered from her de-genderizing surgery.
Saturday, Mike and I headed up north to attend the Renaissance Festival that takes place 1 month out of the year in some BFE area in Michigan. We went with our friends Linnelle and Dennis, and had a jolly good time (spoken in my head with a British accent - I dunno, Renaissance-ese always reminds me of Old English and British accents). The weather was brisk, but hearing the rustling of the leaves from the heavily forested area made it enjoyable, though my toes were freezing from only wearing thong slippers. We spent a good 3-4 hours at the fair nibbling on things here and there - turkey legs (well, Dennis did, not really the rest of us), buying oils and incense and random things that will likely go un-used or end up at a garage sale, and walking around playing festival games like throw tomatoes at the Jester, or hew an ax at a wooden particle board...you know - Robin Hood-esque games. The evening was more enjoyable than the fair itself (although, seeing some men in tight spandex and tunics was pretty laughable at times) as we hung out at Dennis and Linnelle's and helped break in their new patio (installed entirely by Dennis - oh, to have a handy-person around!) with a chiminea that they kept replenishing with firewood. A setting that paired nicely with the fall weather and a few bottles of good red wine, cheese, and dessert. We eased into Sunday, and I stayed up in Michigan for my get together with work buddies (HEL-NO club, yes - I belong to a lot of "girl power" clubs - I like my female bonding time - okay?).
This month's HEL-NO get together was at Kate's and involved crashing at her place in the early afternoon, sitting in her condo's hot tub, yes (sigh) drinking and eating, and then just chilling out playing our version of truth or dare and just having conversations highly doused in Estrogen. It was a blast to just let loose, feel like you could say anything to these ladies and they wouldn't judge, and just do really random shit - like back bends and yoga moves while Usher is playing in the background (which, when Usher plays while doing yoga moves, yoga quickly turns into some bad version of dancing with the stars were you are suddenly bouncing up and down while your stomach faces the air and your back is in the shape of a rainbow - not sure if this description is creating quite the visual I'm going for, but oh well). We ladies all got to bed relatively early and then enjoyed a leisurely breakfast on Monday morning. I left a bit early to get home to go refrigerator shopping with the honey before rushing home to welcome our 4th Annual Jaeger Labor Day Run guests.
So, yes, Labor Day is celebrated in a *special* way at the Lin/Zickar household. We invite the usual suspects over (Jen & Mike, Maggie & Scott) and begin our festivities with a shot of Jaeger and a 1 or 2 mile run. We decided on the 2 miles yesterday - which is why my quads are talking to me today. The idea is to do your shot, throw it in the lawn, and take off running. What better way to reward the race winner than with a sampling of Absolut Vodka (see, I told you, I really don't care if anyone reading this thinks I am a Hedonist). After the race, we cool down with a couple cold beers (or wine, for me), grill out, and cope with the fact that after we eat and socialize, reality is going to come back to bite us and we must deal with the fact that tomorrow is school, work, or whatever. I had the worst case of the Sunday blues yesterday that carried into lunch time today...but luckily after I get through the first 1/2 day, I'm usually ready to face the rest of the work week - which will be a short one for me as I'm taking Friday off to get pampered at a spa day with one of my co-workers (a really thoughtful salesperson that I work with that is treating me to the day after helping her make her sales goal).
One last update before I sign off (can't remember if I mentioned it or not)...I'm going to DUBAI in October. I capitalize the word not out of anticipation, but out of DREAD. My client, who shall remain nameless but is famous for Brittney Spears ads, has asked - no REQUIRED - that I travel out to Dubai for a 1-day presentation to their Global Sales Capability Council. Nice - 4 days of flying for 1 freakin' day of work. To make matters worst, I will be the only person from my company there as they are unwilling to fly anyone else out there...and the client is (in case you haven't picked up on my tone) - DEMANDING. So, here I will be, all alone, in a completely different country - one that does not embrace American travelers - let alone female American travelers, for 24 hours of work. To make matters worse, Dubai is supposedly a hot bed of couture shopping and ridiculous luxury - so - great...I can't even shop! Oh well, I'm hoping that I can somehow convince my client that they do not need me for this meeting and can hold their own, but we shall see. I really Really REALLY don't want to go!

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